Shitfaced and Bootlegged

by Hatefuck



Live Hatefuck bootleg recorded on 6-27-2014 at First Break Cafe in Sterling, VA. First show with bassist J. Atrocious.


released December 13, 2014

J. Harbringer - Guitar/Bass/Backing Vocals
D. Mullen - Lead Vocals
J. Johnson - Drums
J. Atrocious - Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals
S. Thompson - Noise/Electronics/Samples

Guest vocals provided by Travis Downey of Venomspitter and Dylan Burton of Violent Spectrums

Recorded by Jesse Free at Warren Sound and Recording. Not mixed worth a flying fuck by J. Harbringer.

Artwork by Dom Cytryn at Cytryn Workings.

Logo by Arvin Palma

Set List:

If You're Here to See Us, There's Something Wrong With You
Attack of the FUPA
Taco Toilet Tantrum
Ballsy as Fuck
The Deranged Virgin Manifesto
Mindfucked By Vegetable Narcotics
Vajazzling For Satan
Deported Immediately
Hallucinogenic Whore
.50 Caliber Butt-Plug
Anal Projectile Firing Squad
Raped With a Sledgehammer
Little Psych Ward Fuck Machine
I Swear, This Isn't a Cammo Shorts Cover!



all rights reserved


Hatefuck Manassas, Virginia

Hatefuck: Just like its name suggests, it is a brief, violent experience which leaves some wounded and others satisfied.

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